What makes a Great Engineering Recruiter?

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qualities do outstanding engineering recruiters possess?”


They understand the nuances of engineers.  The answer can best be summed up in one word – CRISP.

C- Clear path to helping them navigate to the next career move.  They are structured individuals always with an “end-in-mind”.

R – Respectful of their time and the key role they play in their organization.  No different than how you would act around your doctor, dentist or lawyer.

I – Intelligent conversations about your industry, your knowledge and the roles you offer.  If you don’t know what you’re talking about, they will sniff you out in a minute and be done with you.

S- Sage advice has to be offered from time to time, but the delivery of that advice is timely.  Even though the 9-page resume is great, you must be able to get them to see that they may also want to have a 1-page executive summary available too.

P – Personable and approachable as you get to know them and understand their story and ambitions.  Keeping in mind that they are human and put their pants on one leg at a time too.

Engineers love their acronyms.  It’s a telltale sign if you know their industry or not.  Hopefully CRISP will help you get your voicemails and emails returned.


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Mike Ellis is the Founder and Managing Director of GTR, a national executive recruitment firm the power engineering industry.  Prior to starting GTR in 2008, Mike was a manufacturing engineer, Director of Manufacturing, and VP, Business Development for a manufacturing consultant organization.

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