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In order to help companies in the power industry stay competitive and up-to-date, GTR created the 2023 Electric Utility Industry Compensation Guide, with National, Florida, and Texas versions. We aim to help employers in evaluating their pay rates while making some adjustments to improve both retention and hiring initiatives. It’s critical to offer competitive salaries, and we’ve compiled the most extensive market data in the power market in this exclusive report. It is available now for instant download.

The Electric Utility Compensation Guides presents the US national, Florida state, and Texas state pay information for the most in-demand and prevalent power positions today.

At GTR, we’re global executive recruitment firm focused exclusively on the power delivery sector. We offer a proven approach, a deep knowledge of the industry, and a broad network of the best and brightest talent available. We focus. We listen. We connect POWERful talent to POWERful companies.

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